torsdag 31 december 2015

Just a normal day as a cat mum.

So sick cat is still ill.
She hasn´t the decency of behaving as a dying cat, but seems to get better. WTF?
Here I am in agony about having to make that horrible call to the vet. Making an appointment to have her put down, and she is improving?!?

-You are supposed to be dying! I say to her.
-Yeah, right she replies. And meows loudly telling me  to hurry up with the food.

She is getting soft food. A special kind that is extra kind to cat tummies. Still smells f-ing awful, as all wet cat food does.

She is currently being served her food in the bookshelf. Since that´s where she is now living. There is room for the cats to walk behind the books. Much to their merriment and my distress as they keep knocking down the books. That´s why there is string around the books. Looking like we are trying to keep them from escaping.
Anyway as I stand on the stepladder serving my terminally ill cat, I am joined by the other cats thinking it is bloody unfair that one of them gets to eat the good, smelly food while they have to eat the dried stuff.

-She is ill I exclaim as one sinks his claws in my thigh.
-We don´t care they answer as one.
-Hurry up with the food, human comes from behind the books.
-Go eat your food in the kitchen I yell at them. It wasn´t half cheap you know.
-We don´t care they reply, give us the foul smelling stuff.

I put water in with the food so I can be sure sick cat drinks some. She rewards me for this kindness by dipping her paw in the water/food mess, fishes out a lump of meat, eats that and then flicks her wet paw in my face. Lovely. I hear water/icky cat food does marvels for the skin.

Happy New Year!

Love xxx